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Florists on and Offline

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

There are many florist shops online and offline. Most florist shops offer a delivery service. Most of the time it’s very easy to order and pay for a flower delivery. There are many reasons why one would send flowers. This article will demonstrate a few common occasions were sending flowers would be appropriate.

One reason for having flowers delivered would be to cheer as person up in the hospital. This can brighten up the day of a sick relative or friend. Some hospitals do offer a florist gift shop in the lobby or order from an online or local florist. Another good reason for having flowers delivered would be to a Husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe it is a special occasion, like an anniversary our just a caring gesture. Flowers can also be sent to family members on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and maybe to say thank you.

Arrangements can be sent to weddings, receptions and other marital celebrations. Some businesses only cater to weddings and handle all the floral arrangements and delivery. The birth of a baby can call for another type of delivery. Once again, most times there will be a florist in the hospitals lobby or the flowers can be ordered online or locally. The final reason to have flowers delivered would be to a funeral. Most will order a wreath for the grave site and this can be done online or locally.

The most common flowers sent to a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend would be the rose. Roses come in many different colors and sizes. The long-stemmed red rose is the most romantic delivered flower and the most common. Some other colors of roses to choose from are the pink, yellow, white, peach or even a black rose.

The most common flower arrangements delivered to sick people in the hospitals tend to be an assortment of flowers. Some will purchase a potted plant with decorations. Others will purchase an elaborate bouquet. For weddings any flower can be used for table decoration most of the time in soft colors. Most will order the brides bouquet and grooms corsage from the same florist. When sending flowers to family, the most common flowers would be in the form of a bouquet or potted plants. The birth of a baby calls for huge flower displays with balloons. Many will purchase potted plants as well as large colorful bouquets. For funerals, the most common flower arrangement would be the wreath for the service.

Guide To Floral Supplies

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Floral supplies are the tools used to create those masterpieces, even though all designers have their own specific methods. Florist’s foam is the starting block for most floral projects. For real flowers wet foam is used: a spongy material designed to hold water and keep the flowers in place. It comes in a variety of grades, each one slightly different; some softer foams are for more delicate flowers.

Fairly easy to work with, mastering foam isn’t the most simple. To make the piece easier to create, the foam should sit just higher than the vase the arrangement will be in. It should be wedged in tightly so it stays in place after becoming water saturated.

Among your list of necessary floral supplies is a craft saw; it’s simply the easiest way to shape foam. However, kitchen knives and wire also work if a craft saw is not available; be warned, be prepared to get covered in foam shavings, no matter what cutting method is used.

But what if the arrangement is in a clear container? Saturated thick foam isn’t the most attractive thing to look at. A metal frog is going to be a better choice. They are trickier to work with, but ideal in a clear container. To fill up the rest of your vase, fake gemstones and small rocks transform into floral supplies, as long as you’re careful not to crush the stems.

The most important of floral supplies are-let’s face it-the flowers. Flowers can be bought just about anywhere, and a bouquet can be arranged into a floral project; the grocery store, a gas station, an actual florist, or in bulk from an online outlet are just a few places to find your flowers. A florist learns which flowers match each other, which colors to use for which occasions, and how to arrange the flowers for best appearance.

The floral craft is not simple. It’s a trade with many little minute details. The best way to create the best flowers is to know the medium, and to become proficient in the art of floral design.

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