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The Wedding Flower Girls

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Along side the Bride and Groom at a traditional wedding will be the wedding party, in this wedding party there will be the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. There will also be the best man, flower girl, page boys, ring bearer and the groomsmen. The page boys, ring bearer and flower girl are normally related to the bride and groom in some way for example a niece, nephew, cousin, little sister or little brother. They may even be children of friends of the family.

Older girls may not be impressed with being a wedding flower girl since it is really a task for the younger child normally for girls aged between two and nine. Although it is quite common an very cute to see a two year old flower girl at a wedding, there are a number of disadvantages to having one so young. The little toddler may not feel comfortable around strangers and she may not understand what’s happening or what she is supposed to do. A very young child will probably need a great deal more supervision. It may be unavoidable that you have to have a very young flower girl but if possible it is best to have one that is a little bit older.

Obviously the Bride is the centre of attention on any wedding day but a little flower girl will receive a lot of attention as well. Quite often she is dressed in a miniature version of the brides dress and when the ring bearer or pageboy is dressed in miniature of the groom’s clothes they look such a cute couple there is a danger that they may get just as much attention as the Bride and Groom!

The clothing of the flower girl was at one time budgeted for along with all the other wedding expenses but in these modern times it is the Mother and Father of the flower girl that is expected to pay any expenses for the flower girl including her clothing. It is important that the flower girls dress is versatile. The expense of the dress would be more acceptable to her parents perhaps if it could be used again or an Easter celebration, First Communion or even for parties.

The flower girl is responsible for walking down the aisle, in front of the bride and spreading flower petals. That is if the church allows it. Just as with confetti, many churches do not appreciate having to clean up afterwards. Check with wherever you are holding your ceremony if the throwing of petals or confetti is allowed. There is now bio degradable confetti which your church may agree to. If it does perhaps a little note on the bottom of the wedding invitation ‘Bio degradable confetti only please’ will make your guests aware. If your church or the venue where you hold your ceremony does not allow petals to be spread then perhaps your flower girl can carry a bouquet or a flower basket instead.

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