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Choosing Silk Orchids for Your Wedding

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Silk orchids are very popular for weddings. But why not just use real orchids? Well, there are several reasons why artificial orchids are better than the real ones. It is almost impossible to see the difference between fake and real orchids, if you select a fist class product. The silk flowers have been made with much care, and real orchids have been studied closely to make the silk orchids look realistic. And you often do not have to pay extra for all that work.

It is not easy and certainly not cheap. Unless of course you look for a fake one. Then you can easily found it on the Internet, buy it and have it delivered in a few days. And the price will be much lower than for the real one. Imagine that the whole decoration is based on pink. But on the wedding day florist tells you, that he can only get yellow orchids. You can avoid that catastrophe by selecting silk orchid arrangements instead. Then they can be ordered and delivered well in advance.

Outdoor ceremonies in the summer can make a wedding very special. But the heat (or the cold) will also kill your orchids. You do not have to miss the orchids though. You can just order faux orchids. They are not sensitive to heat or cold at all. Then you should avoid a lot of sneezing and red eyes by selecting silk orchids instead. Unless they are allergic to silk, they are absolutely allergy free.

Do you want photos of the orchid arrangements? Or do you want to bring the decorations back home for a great memory of the big? If you prefer the second option, real orchids are not an option. Instead you shall buy artificial orchids. They will last forever. Silk orchids have a lot of advantages compared to real orchids. But remember you get what you are paying for. So buy quality silk orchids if you want them to look life-like. You can find a large selection on the Internet.

Silk Flowers Will Never Die

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Nothing is as refreshing as having a fresh bouquet of Silk flowers in your home to brighten up your mood

You can find so many different kinds of silk flowers that you can easily choose the type and kind of look you want at your budget, as well as create a few spots around the house that will have the silk flowers in them.

Nice features in the silk flowers is the decoration possibilities are endless, very different from using real flowers, here you can change the position of the flower by playing around with the wires that make the stems. Plus the factor of not needing any water supply gives it an additional design flexibility of which bowl to use as their base or sometimes it can even be designed without using a bowl.

When buying your silk flowers pay attention to some good details like the number of petals, the fullness of the bulb, the number of leaves, the length of stem and other things that you want to take note of.

You can even find online stores that sell this kind of flowers and just have them shipped at your doorstep for an easy shopping method, you can just describe the kind of flower that you like and the stores will have them delivered to you the way you like it.

Some online stores have a mounted tool on their websites for designing flower arrangements, so you can look for this kind of websites for a much more comfortable designing experience.

When shopping for silk flowers do not forget to also buy some greens with them. You don’t want to have your flower look so artificial. So buy some silk stems with a good set of leaves for an additional flair in your flower arrangements.

You can also use your silk flowers in some home decoration projects that you have, not just the boring vase and flower style that you have in mind. They can also be used in wreaths or some crafts that you have in mind like putting them as an accent to a hand woven basket or a small paper bag.

The nice thing about silk flowers is that the beauty is everlasting. You don’t have to worry about your poor plant not getting enough water and dying in the sun. Silk flowers will never die, and the color will also stay true. They are also very convenient to use, as they don’t require as much attention as typical flowers do.

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