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Archive for December 25th, 2009

Benefits of Silk Flowers

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Silk flowers are beautifully colored, authentic-looking floral imitations that come in a wide array of flower varieties. There are a host of silk flowers available that imitate and in many cases look better than the real thing. And the most fascinating characteristic of these silk flowers is that they are durable and long lasting. Today, many floral designers and craftspeople are using silk flowers to create durable, long-lasting, and beautiful floral decorations and arrangements.

Traditional choices for a wedding bouquet are fresh flowers, but silk wedding flowers are becoming popular. Whether people are looking for exotic flowers, a romantic gesture that will last a long time, a wonderful gift, or a touch of beauty for the home, flower arrangements made of this great material are a great choice.

There are innumerable reasons why silk fabric flowers are preferable to fresh flowers. Many people would of course prefer real flowers over the artificial ones, but flowers are expensive and very short-lived and hence, constantly need to be replaced. Other long term benefits for selecting flowers made of the material silk plants are that they will not outgrow their space and home-owners never have to worry about insects, mold and mildew.

Gone are the days of watering flowers, which usually leads to damaged wood or carpeted floors. Another advantage is the fact that they are hypo-allergenic. They contain no allergens such as pollen, and are disease-free and nontoxic. Also, there are hundreds of varieties and colors that are available year-round, as compared to real flowers that are seasonal.

A person who gives flowers will not be forgotten for some time. However, flowers wither and have to be discarded once they wilt and die. By giving silk flowers, recipients will remember who they got them from for a lifetime. Silk is a logical material for artificial flowers as it embodies the ethereal qualities of a flower. Many flowers made of pure silk on the market today are of such high quality that unassuming customers cannot discern their difference from the real ones.

Silk flowers are easy to store and maintain. Just keep them in a dry location and away from sunlight and light bulbs, as constant light will fade the colors. Avoid laying the flowers down. Clean exposed decors every three to six months by spraying your plant thoroughly with water and shake them lightly to get most of the water off. Dry the flowers in the sun for a few hours. In between those times, a good feather dusting might suffice to keep them looking fresh and new.

Guide To Floral Supplies

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Floral supplies are the tools used to create those masterpieces, even though all designers have their own specific methods. Florist’s foam is the starting block for most floral projects. For real flowers wet foam is used: a spongy material designed to hold water and keep the flowers in place. It comes in a variety of grades, each one slightly different; some softer foams are for more delicate flowers.

Fairly easy to work with, mastering foam isn’t the most simple. To make the piece easier to create, the foam should sit just higher than the vase the arrangement will be in. It should be wedged in tightly so it stays in place after becoming water saturated.

Among your list of necessary floral supplies is a craft saw; it’s simply the easiest way to shape foam. However, kitchen knives and wire also work if a craft saw is not available; be warned, be prepared to get covered in foam shavings, no matter what cutting method is used.

But what if the arrangement is in a clear container? Saturated thick foam isn’t the most attractive thing to look at. A metal frog is going to be a better choice. They are trickier to work with, but ideal in a clear container. To fill up the rest of your vase, fake gemstones and small rocks transform into floral supplies, as long as you’re careful not to crush the stems.

The most important of floral supplies are-let’s face it-the flowers. Flowers can be bought just about anywhere, and a bouquet can be arranged into a floral project; the grocery store, a gas station, an actual florist, or in bulk from an online outlet are just a few places to find your flowers. A florist learns which flowers match each other, which colors to use for which occasions, and how to arrange the flowers for best appearance.

The floral craft is not simple. It’s a trade with many little minute details. The best way to create the best flowers is to know the medium, and to become proficient in the art of floral design.

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